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Services for Family Enterprises

We have sold a family business and we are a family business. As Mother and Daughter we are intimately acquainted with conflict, disappointment, hurt, despair, excitement, joy and love. We know from our hearts how hard it is for families to work through business challenges when family hurts are festering. We are each trained in business and each trained in the positive psychology of Transactional Analysis – a family psychologist and a business consultant all rolled up in one! See our bio’s for more information.

We facilitate family meetings

Family business holds the complexity of organizations, with the added complexity of a family system. What happens within the family, will naturally impact what happens within the business.

Some family systems are overly oppressive or competitive or both. Families are complex and members may not be aware of how anxious they feel inside that often leads to behaviour that is oppressive or aggressive with others – even though they have positive intentions. Successful families often value a competitive mindset which may work well when the competition is down the road, but not so good when the competition is between family members. This impacts the family’s capacity for caring for each other, clear thinking and problem-solving. We are all oppressors and competitors some of the time because we are human! We help people love themselves and each other enough to recover from the bows and arrows of life in a business-owning family.

The Change Institute provides facilitation for family meetings, strategic planning, and difficult conversations. Sometimes it’s necessary to have an independent third party support the discussion – ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and that the conversation stays on task. Sometimes the family needs healing from past hurts – going back may be a necessary first step to going forward.


  • To facilitate a business transition
  • To develop a high performing leadership team
  • To develop a high performing sibling team
  • To facilitate family conversations – difficult and otherwise. Perhaps conflict is emerging or there is simply a desire to begin conversations about the future.
  • Sometimes there are leftover bad feelings from the past that have not had sufficient resolution. Very often families do not seek out help and resentments fester, infecting business success and family harmony. There is a reason so many family transitions are not successful or gets divided up among siblings.

What doesn’t get talked out, gets acted out.

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