Unleash Your People Power

The power to thrive lives in your people.

At The Change Institute, we provide custom facilitation services – that means we facilitate important conversations to make companies successful by consulting with leaders and teams or by coaching key employees. For leaders and teams, applying principles of Transactional Analysis increases your performance by resulting in better bottom lines, retention of key employees, and creative thinking for solving problems and implementing change. Business owners will experience shifts in how their team works together which will free up energy for the important stuff – work. 

“Observing Lorna in action is witnessing change while it happens. It is fascinating to see how fast and accurate she spots where change is stuck in individuals and teams. From there, she facilitates sustainable alternatives.

Lorna integrates the most recent ‘high tech’ of personal development and process improvement. On top of that, she is an authority in training and educating others to become change agents”

Business Executive, Brussels/The Netherlands
Mil Rouseau


Organizations need to be nimble, especially during times of rapid change in the way we do business. We offer a tailored approach to consulting services to help businesses function effectively by consulting on things such as organizational structure, team cohesiveness, and conflict management. Using our deep experience in organizational consulting, we help businesses function at their best. 

Beginning with an in-depth discovery process, we get to know the business and its leadership team. Then, we advise and implement training, facilitation, and coaching to shift power dynamics and competitiveness within people towards high functioning levels of trust and cohesiveness.

Process Facilitation


“We facilitate the process rather than the content. Process is what determines outcome.”

Lorna Johnston, Lead Consultant

Conflict is a normal and healthy process for any team, problems arise because people are rarely trained in ways to resolve these conflicts. As a result, crucial conversations often benefit from having someone to facilitate it. At The Change Institute, we offer facilitation services to ensure critical conversations are on track, effective, and producing successful results.

Our facilitators use the principles of Transactional Analysis to inform their facilitation and consulting services. Lorna has conducted many successful facilitation contracts in her work overseas in Europe. She has successfully managed union conflicts and facilitated conversations between the union and corporate leadership to successfully avoid strike action. She has also facilitated conflict between boards and management teams.