You can access our organizational services directly by contracting with us to process and facilitate your difficult discussions, to consult with your leaders and teams or coach your key employees. For leaders and your teams, applying principles of Transactional Analysis increases your performance. It results in better bottom lines, retention of key employees and creative thinking for solving problems and implementing change. You will experience shifts in how your team works together, and free up energy from managing people to instead get back to work.


“Observing Lorna in action is witnessing change while it happens. It is facinating to see how fast and accurate she spots where change is stuck in individuals and teams. From tere, she facilitates sustainable alternatives.

Lorna integrates the most recent ‘high tech’ of personal development and process improvement. On top of that, she is an authority in training and educating others to become change agents” Business Executive, Brussels/The Netherlands, Mil Rouseau

“Lorna has been instrumental in assisting me in taking myself and business to a new level. Her knowledge and experience in the development of leadership teams and ability to address key human resource issues have been essential for my business success. If you are a CEO interested in getting the best out of your people, then Lorna is your best asset to accomplishing your goal” Calgary CEO and Queens Diamond Jubilee Recipient, Dean Koeller

“Lorna brings a uniqueness in her approach to working with executives. She is a seasoned business professional who truly cares about enhancing the lives of those she works with. I strongly recommend any business leader connect with her. Lorna can truly make a difference not just in a person’s business performance, but also in their personal life.” Canadian Entrepreneur Tim McClure

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