We specialize in change.

The Change Institute are developers of people and organizations.  We facilitate leaders, teams and individuals to be everyday change agents that transform lives and creates business success.  The best systems and processes in the world may not engage the human heart. What does it take to create a culture where people thrive and everyone wins? We have some ideas. 

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Leadership is challenging, people are complex.  Transactional Analysis is a kind of 'operating manual' for human beings that gives very clear directions for what is needed for people and teams to thrive, create, contribute, find meaning and give their best. We help leaders use and apply these ideas to create an environment where people fully engage, decisions are best in class, and innovation happens every day with someone saying 'I have an idea'.  

We are coaches and facilitators of leaders and leadership teams and bring with us a powerful model for understanding human motivations and how to garner everyone's committment, focus and engagement. We teach concepts and models to understand self and others in ways that lead to better decisions, collaboration, communication and creativity. Systems and processes are important but without the skills to influence, inspire and lead the human heart, systems will never be enough.

We are a training, consultancy and coaching practice certified in applications of Transactional Analysis. As the only one in North America our clients value how we integrate business principles and Transactional Analysis to grow their bottom line and improve people’s lives at work, for life.

As a Chair with TEC Canada, Lorna facilitates a CEO peer advisory group: TECCanada


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We help you change what's not working in your life so meaning and joy is restored.  By employing several models of change that include teaching concepts from Transactional Analysis, we help you make sense of what is happening and facilitate you by doing truama treatments, redecision therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavoural approaches and emotional release. We are registered, qualified and skillful counselling psychologists and psychotherapists. 

Suffering is optional, change is possible, help is available. Make a call for a 20 minute free consultation. 


The Change Institute is a training institute qualified to train individuals in Transactional Analysis.

If you are a professional that works in or for businesses and organizations Transactional Analysis will make you even more competent in your role.  Leaders, HR profesionals, coaches, consultants, business advisors, family business advisors and facilitators, other businedss advisors and facilitators  benefit from learning and using these principles in your professional roles.

If you are a helping professional as a psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist, nurse, school counsellor, pastoral counsellor, teacher, parent or caregiver the skills and knolwedge you gain will be invaluable in your desire to faciltiate others healing and well being.