What makes your business thrive? People do.

Develop them from the inside out to unlock the full potential of your entire team.
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At The Change Institute, we believe in the power of people. Our mission is to wake leaders up to their best selves – beginning with self-awareness. Personally aware, intentional leaders create exceptional, purpose-driven organizations. When leaders get what leadership is really about, the rest is easy – change becomes possible.


Leadership Program

Our Leadership from the Inside Out program is for those who want to lead with passion, power and purpose.

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Organizational Change

Our Organizational Change Programs help achieve a better bottom line, retain key employees, and expand creative thinking within organizations.

We work with leaders to help them meet their full potential and achieve their goals by providing leadership coaching, training, and organizational consulting.

Leaders can uncork their personal power, harness creativity, and strengthen connections with others. It’s how we can help individuals and organizations grow from great to exceptional.

Change your perspective

At The Change Institute, leaders are guided through a transformative journey of learning and growth. We empower our clients to discover deep truths about themselves and others by teaching and working with time tested models of positive intelligence and positive psychology of Transactional Analysis concepts and other models of human change dynamics. Our effective and powerful approaches to communication create satisfying experiences. and high performing teams. By infusing clients with a deep sense of self-worth, they become more confident decision-makers, and align their personal and professional worlds that sparks heightened enthusiasm in every aspect of their life.

Embracing change and moving forward is essential to success, moving forward means leaving old habits and limiting beliefs behind. Without the capacity to change, individuals remain stuck in what is instead of what could be.