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The Change Institute was founded in 1990 by Lorna Johnston. We are a business consultancy, training, facilitation and coaching practice – and a family business! We are also a training institute for Transactional Analysis who partners with numerous TA consultancies across Europe. We work with businesses, organizations and individuals in countries around the world, including Canada, Ireland, England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Africa, Jamaica, Russia, and Asia.

Lorna Johnston, MBA, TSTA

When Lorna leads, transformation follows. She is among a handful of consultants and change agents in the world who are trained in organizational and clinical applications of Transactional Analysis. Lorna’s unique skill set integrates business acumen with a masterful application of models of change, group dynamics and human behaviour.

Lorna is The Change Institute’s primary consultant and trainer. In addition to her MBA, she holds three world-recognized certifications in Transactional Analysis: CTA (Organizational), CTA (Psychological), and TSTA (Teaching and Supervising).

Lorna has worked globally for over 25 years in executive coaching, leadership development, team development, organizational change, strategic decision making, culture change and conflict resolution. She is a skilled presenter and deeply committed to creating authentic human connections.

Anne Klein, B.Comm, M.A, CCC, TAP

Anne provides training and development services at The Change Institute, working as a personal coach and counsellor to individuals seeking deep personal change. She brings a high level of training and a deep capacity to understand the human motivation to TCI, helping clients apply skills and knowledge to overcome the limitations they perceive at work and in life.

Anne elevates the human potential for communication and conflict resolution, fostering cultures of choice and engagement. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, a Transactional Analysis practitioner, a Redecision therapist and an Advanced Integrative therapist. She works with clients and organizations to facilitate changes that impact not only productivity and happiness in the workplace, but also create a deep sense of meaning and life purpose.

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