Team Training

Teams succeed or fail together. Like it or not, effective collaboration between people is what drives organizational success. A lack of collaboration, high conflict or failure to communicate generates high turnover, stressed team members and failure to achieve outcomes.

Elevate your team’s performance, with courses specifically designed to address the most common challenges within a team’s functioning. We also can create a customized training program designed around your specific teams challenges and opportunities.

Reflective Listening: Go slow to go fast

When people are making important decisions it is critical to think clearly, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. When important decision are being made, there are naturally emotions that are too often not given a place in the coversation. We are a data driven culture, even after 30 years of talking about the importance of emotional intelligence.

Reflective listening is a skill that develops both – clear thinking for creative solutions and emotional connection.

Often listening is glossed over to jump straight to solutions, sometimes before a clear understanding of the problem has emerged. The outcome is solutions that may not actually solve anything.

This course teaches skills in Reflective Listening – a powerful way to slow down the problem-solving in order to arrive at a better thought out solution. People discover they get results quicker. Read more about this course.

Conflict to Cooperation

What doesn’t get talked out, gets acted out negatively.

When teams are in conflict, creativity is squandered. The team competes rather than accomplishing the task. When conflict is high, resolution can be difficult to achieve. Resentments go ‘underground’ and infect the functioning of the team.

This course teaches concepts from Transactional Analysis that will transform how your team interacts with each other. This course will teach participants how to address conflict, to talk things out rather than act them out negatively. Ultimately this course can get your team working together again. The results are more clients, better bottom lines, and a successful organization.


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