Everyone needs a peer group.

Leaders are no exception.

“Lorna brings uniqueness in her approach to working with executives. She is a seasoned business professional who truly cares about enhancing the lives of those she works with. I strongly recommend any business leader connect with her. Lorna can truly make a difference not just in a person’s business performance, but also in their personal life.”

Canadian Entrepreneur Tim McClure

TEC Canada CEO/Presidents Peer Advisory Group

Leaders can access our expertise by joining a TEC Canada CEO/President peer advisory group chaired by our principal consultant and founder, Lorna Johnston. Being part of a CEO Advisory Group like this can be powerfully influential in how CEOs engage and perform in their role by improving their decision making, intelligent corporate growth, and better bottom lines.

How Does a TEC Group Work?


Having a TEC group as a CEO can make a world of difference in your personal and professional effectiveness.

See what Lorna’s TEC members have to say about their relationships and their impacts.



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