“…the past affects people – some let it decide who they are, while others make it part of what they will do”

Eric Berne

Our personal belief system (or “internal theatre”) is the springboard for how we relate to and interact in the world. Long-forgotten experiences and events from our past can affect us in the present, seeping into our lives in unexpected ways, often many years after the experience occurred. These experiences and their effects can cause problems in our relationships, personal lives, and our work.

Personal Coaching is an opportunity to have a sounding-board, an independent third party to talk through issues at work and in life. We all need someone who is there entirely devoted to listening, responding, and supporting us through challenges.

Coaching Models

Transactional Analysis – Cognitive/Classical Therapy Approach. A brilliant road map of human behaviour that helps people understand how they arrived in their current state and provides ways to change it. TA is a psycho-educational approach to therapy that challenges our frame of reference and story of how our lives are evolving. Read more here.

Transactional Analysis – Redecision Therapy. This process involves helping individuals make new decisions about their essential selves, rather than relying on the archaic decisions they made as children in responses to parental messages.

Advanced Integrative Therapy. A method that blends analytic psychotherapy with the power of energy psychology, under the basic premise that most present-day psychological issues originated in one or more early negative experiences.

Energy Psychology. A theory that identifies psychological concerns as disturbed bio-energetic patterns within the mind-body system, affecting a person’s neurobiological, emotional, and behavioural systems. When traumatic events are stuck in the mind-body system, they can negatively influence a person’s outlook, experiences, emotional regulation, and ability to relate to others.