Reflective Listening for Crisis Management

Skills for a difficult time

We are all learning a new way of working – a new stressful and isolated experience. Communication has become more difficult, and more important than ever. As we move our businesses online and conduct collaboration and teamwork remotely, we need skills to facilitate understanding and communication.

When people feel stressed, they generally do not function well at work. Conflict is more common and their clear thinking is compromised. We need skills to manage our own stress, but also that of our colleagues, employees, and clients.

Reflective Listening Workshop

Reflective listening is a powerful way to help people feel heard and listened to. Inevitably, once people are truely heard, they can shift into clear thinking – which is where problem-solving becomes possible. Being responded to and understood is validating and feels good and can decrease stress.

In this workshop, you and your team will learn reflective listening skills, a component of a popular model called Motivational Interviewing. Motivational Interviewing, likes most concepts taught in organziations had its beginnings in the Psychotherapy field. However, this powerful strategy has taken hold in organizations, with teams and as a valuable management tool.

Join us for three, hour-long workshops conducted online. We will teach you reflective listening, as well as an introduction to a basic model of human understanding. Combined, these skills are valuable in supporting your team and your clients. You will also find these skills helpful in all areas of your life – at home, in your relationships, as well as in your roles at work. 


All modules are conducted online. The third session is designed as a follow up and coaching session to solidify skills and put into practice the skills learned.

Price: $2,500 + GST for all three modules

Course is delivered by Anne Klein.

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