Executive Coaching

We coach leaders to enjoy their role and love their life. What value is one without the other? Conversations are confidential and safe – leaders bring the thorniest and the scariest challenges and opportunities they face in their role. They increasingly discover their drivers, tune in to their assumptions, challenge their long-held beliefs, uncover different perspectives of people and situation. The inner world of feelings becomes friendlier and new possibilities for even the most difficult situations emerge. Coaching can be as short as 6 sessions, or as long as several years depending on the goals of the client and the desires for change. The client decides the destination with the facilitated support of the coach. The coach finds the fastest route, using many and varied vehicles for the journey.

Our coaching is much deeper than the tactics of performing your role and helping you stay accountable to the goals you have set. Depth coaching also engages you in understanding your unique and mostly hidden story that drives your life. You will have the power to change whatever isn’t working well for you only by becoming aware of the components of your story and doing a re-write going forward – personally and professionally. We help you let go of the past and in the present moment facilitate a new decision, anchor a new perspective, make sense of emotions and go forward with confidence.

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them” Tom Krause

At The Change Institute, our work embodies a model of change called Transactional Analysis. For over 50 years leaders have used these concepts to understand themselves and others in ways that result in a successful bottom line that doesn’t compromise creating great places to work. Being human, being real, being yourself. Transactional Analysis offers one of the most cohesive and rich ways of making sense out ‘how come things go wrong’ and the unconscious processes that derails ‘getting work done’ at your organization. With awareness, change is possible.

It is rarely a leader’s lack of technical skill or knowledge that creates the biggest challenges for leaders in their role. It is their lack of understanding of what leadership is truly all about. Communication + Relationships = People People People. Miguel Ruel’s Four Agreements embody great rules for life and for leadership: Don’t make assumptions, don’t take things personally, be impeccable with your word and always do your best. Managing people starts first with managing yourself.

“Its natural for a leader to assume the people are the problem. After all, they are the ones not doing what we need to have done. But you would be wrong. The people are not the problem. W Edwards Deming, the father of the quality movement, taught that any time the majority of the people behave a particular way, the majority of the time, the people are not the problem.

The problem is inherent in the system. As a leader, you own responsibility for the system. Although a particular person can be a big problem, if you find yourself blaming the people, you should look again.”

The 4 Disciplines of Execution.

Why get an Executive Coach?

The companies who are interested in Executive Coaching at The Change Institute recognize that organizational success hinges on people who are empowered, engaged, supported and motivated. This organization sees the personal development of its leaders, rising stars and senior managers as a top priority for bottom-line success.

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