The Leaders’ Breakfast

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You’re invited to the most important meal of the day, and potentially of this year.

Come for breakfast with leaders like you to learn about the Leadership from the Inside Out, a program to help executives create thriving organizations through effective leadership. To create high-functioning organizations, today’s leaders must deeply understand the “inner-theater” of human motivations that unconsciously drive decisions and behaviour.

At this breakfast, you will receive an introduction to:

  • The concepts of Transactional Analysis—a psychology method that teaches the complexity of human hearts and minds in order to transform corporate cultures and individual lives.
  • How inner narratives influence our communication, emotional life, and relational capacity.
  • Case studies underscoring how this training has helped businesses and leaders around the world.
  • The notion you are not alone. Other leaders face similar challenges and have overcome them using Transactional Analysis.

During this morning event, you will be taught a concept/tool and given an opportunity to participate in group discussion and activity to anchor the concept. This tool can be applied immediately to create change. This is a sampling of what our program is all about.

Leadership starts from within.

Leadership from the Inside Out is packed full of powerful, psychologically-based concepts to give you the human skills that Harvard Business Review says is missing in today’s leaders. Our program includes exercises, case studies, peer coaching, and a personalized learning agenda. You also get one-on-one leadership coaching with the pros.

Through the program, you will learn the human skills so necessary to lead change in yourself and others. Leadership starts from within.

Breakfast is included, please register below.

Next breakfast: Coming Soon.

Where: Ranchmen’s Club – 710 13th Ave SW, Calgary (No jeans, underground parking)

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