Organizations are systems of people working together towards a common goal. Modern organizations recognize the power to thrive or fail lies in the human element of their business. The Change Institute provides services that help leaders and organizations create complete alignment.


Shift your organization in a positive direction with custom consulting and facilitation services.

Leadership Training

Lead your organization forward with modern leadership.

Executive Coaching

We help corporate leaders decide exactly what they want to create and what action is necessary to reach their goals.

Family Business

We help family businesses integrated complicated family dynamics with business success.

Leadership Training Programs

Leadership from the Inside Out – This is an 8-month program designed for leaders and managers to become instruments of positive change within an organizational system. Culture changes from the inside out, so must a system’s leaders.

Other Services

Family Business ServicesWe help family businesses have difficult conversations, transition their businesses to the next generation and facilitate change in family business’ and family systems.

Executive Coaching – We work one-on-one with leaders to ensure they “walk the talk”, aligning their internal theatre with their outward actions, creating authenticity within their teams and work environments. Participants in our Leadership from the Inside Out program receive Executive Coaching as part of the program.

Consulting/Facilitation – We process and facilitate difficult circumstances and discussions for executive clients, resulting in greater employee retention, creative problem solving and a better bottom-line.

Custom Training Programs – We design programs that are tailored to a client’s specific needs and challenges, fostering targeted organizational success.

TEC Canada CEO/Presidents Peer Advisory Group

“Observing Lorna in action with a team of professionals is witnessing change while it happens. It is fascinating to see how fast and accurately she spots where change is stuck in individuals and teams. From there, she facilitates sustainable alternatives. Lorna integrates the most recent ‘high tech’ of personal development and process improvement. On top of that, she is an authority in training and educating others to become change masters.”

An executive coaching client

Leaders can access our expertise by joining a CEO/Presidents peer advisory group chaired by our principal consultant and founder, Lorna Johnston, offered through TEC Canada. Being part of a CEO Advisory Group like the one Lorna runs through TEC Canada can be transformative in how CEO’s engage and perform in their role.

Having a TEC group, and a TEC Chair in your life as a CEO can make a world of difference in your personal and professional effectiveness. See what one of Lorna’s TEC members has to say about their relationships and its impacts.

Another of Lorna’s TEC group members speak about the benefits of TEC on his business and his company’s culture.

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